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Re: Replacing the radio..... JEEEZZ !!!!!!

nice post! thanks. My radio is hanging out a few inches for the same reason.
After driving around in a Doblo half taken apart for a few months I put back my door panels and only have one dash speaker left.
But!... I still want a normal sound in my car but fitting door speakers is not so easy.

I tried buying speakers that fit but they are all to deep and when I found some good speakers they told me I was missing adapter rings that should be in the door but they are not in my cargo. I don't get a good sounds if I don't use these kind of rings. Sounds logical.

is there someone who fitted door speakers in a cargo as well? How did you do it? And is the sound OK? There are no wires leading in the doors the normal way but I fixed this trough a hole in the bottom of the door. Previous owner cut cables everything away, very short as I had to improvise.

I can also buy only new dash 10cm because I don't think the standard ones are not so good. No bass at all.

Pictures or suggestions for the mounting are welcome! Thanks.
' drivin' a 1.9JTD SX dark blue metallic
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