Uno 1989 Fiat Uno 70 SX 1.5 Mk1 project

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No MOT or tax, needs sills welding for another MOT.

Some of you may recognise this ultra rare Mk1 SX, as the X1/9 engine swap was documented on here! I had it from Chas when he left the country, I put it back on the road & I used it regularly for a few years, but changes in circumstance & the fact I`ve not been able to take it to my garage since the inner ULEZ started 18 months ago, means I`ve not used it or been able to work on it, otherwise I would have done the welding by now.

The MOT ran out last September, the tax ran out a couple of months ago, & as I`m within the ULEZ extension I wont be able to use it at all after August anyway, so I`ve decided to let someone else take over.

It needs welding to both sills for another MOT, + the spring on the brake bias valve has vanished. It may need more, I`ve not looked it over properly, theres nothing else glaringly obvious though. Theres a few minor bits of bodywork, & its slightly matted now, but it does polish up nicely & gets loads of compliments & thumbs up every time you go out in it!

The 1.5 engines still good, its still got a Mk1 turbo gearbox, its wearing Mk2 Turbo alloys, and is sitting on slightly lowered springs. It also has a turbo steering rack, a turbo front roll bar & green stuff front pads. It goes very well indeed, as you`d imagine, with an 85bhp X1/9 engine in it!

I`ve colour keyed the mirrors, & fitted a colour keyed grille (the original is included), & fitted a rare "Heckblend" rear reflector panel, which I imported from Italy (I fitted it with tape & the original number plate screw location, so it can be removed if you prefer it without). Theres also some of boxes of spares included.

I could chop it in for £2k under the ULEZ scrappage scheme, but as theres only 3 top of the range SX Mk1`s left on the road, I`d rather not do that, so I`m asking £1000.

I may be up for a swap with something ULEZ compliant (must be petrol, Seicento/Punto/Bravo/Stilo etc, 51 reg onwards, or pre-1984).

It starts, runs, drives & stops fine, but theres no MOT or tax now, so will need towing (or could be taken on trade pates).

Save this rare, desirable & quick little Uno!

If no one wants it whole, I may break it, so contact me if you need parts from it.

I`m in Barnet EN5, outer north London, not far from the M25 & A1.​


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