Panda (Classic) 1988 Panda 750L

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Been sitting since 2013, needs the middle of the drivers sill/inner welding & front tie rod bushes changing for an MOT, some of dashboard is no longer working properly since being sat, & the choke cable is broken. Does still start (& engage gears) with a jump & some accelerator pumping.

Body is solid, the rust is confined to the middle of the sill, under the drivers door (already cut out). The rear section of that arch (including the inner) was replaced back in 2014 or so. The arches, screen surround & floors are all good, both front doors have been welded up to a good standard & are rustproofed, but need final painting (the repairs were etch primed, primed & given a blow over in white immediately after being welded). The leading edge of the bonnet does have some rust (but not holed).

Interior cloth has perished in places (a second set of worn covers included, an experienced trimmer/sewer should be able to make a good set out of the two).

Mother, daughter, mother owned before me (was 13,000 miles when I got it in 2010).

I just don't have time to do it any more, & with the extended ULEZ looming, I`ve reluctantly decided its time to sell.

The first 2 pictures in the garage show it at the moment, there rest were taken in 2013 (when it was last in use) & 2016 (when I did the doors & started the sill).

Also includes an electronic distributor & coil from a later one to convert from points (with the spade connector coil, so plug & play).

As you can see its covered in stuff (has a similar amount inside), because of this I will have to dig it out to show it to any interested parties, which will be a fair amount of work & time, so I REALLY don't want any time wasters contacting me. Thanks.

The stuff on it isn't that heavy & has been placed carefully onto plywood & rubber on the roof & bonnet, so I don't anticipate any extra bodywork/paint damage when I do dig it out. After a clean I`m sure it`ll look similar to the 3rd picture again!

Will also obviously need towing (from north London N13).

I could get £2000 for it with the current government London ULEZ scrappage scheme, or I could partially strip it & get a good £800 in parts & scrap value, but I`d rather not do that, I`d rather an enthusiast take it for £500! If I don't get any takers at £500 as it is, I`ll have to do the welding & bushes, MOT it & stick it on ebay for somewhere between £1000 & £1500, or, strip it.


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