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Cinq Problems


Every time I switch off my car or reverse it, there is a loud rattling sound coming from under the car. Is it likely that the Heat Shield has gone?

After fitting new Motaquip front brake pads & discs, the brakes are not effective at all. Im thinking of invest in some genuine Fiat ones as Motaquip pads are of cheap quality. Which other brake pad makes are of good quality?

When the clutch is pressed, the rev counter just plays up to 2000 - 3000 revs. Any ideas as to why this is happening?


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Re: Cinq Problems

hmm,strange one this,

could be exhaust heat shield rattling ,gearbox mount,or something else

with relation to your brake pads dilemma,if you change the pads you may aswell change the discs aswell,

try ebay ,they sell a lot of cinq brake stuff,brake pads,try mintex
899 CINQ SX Metalic Blue

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Re: Cinq Problems

My cinq rattles from underneith whenever I'm reversing as well, I've already changed the back gearbox mount thinking that would cure it, It didn't! I've moved the exhaust around and that hasn't sorted it. I've just accepted now that the exhaust taps on the heat shield when I'm in reverse, I can live with it
I've got Mintex matched pads and discs on mine and they're better than the generic ones that were on before. However, for the first week they were on, until they 'bedded in' they were useless and I wondered whether I'd made the right move putting them on.
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Re: Cinq Problems

Brake pads... Ferodo, Mintex, EBC, Red Dot & Brembo are all pads that I have either used on a car at one time or another or a friend has recommended to me. Right now I'm EBC Red Stuff on the Volvo and and just OE pads on the Sei for now.

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