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Replacing the outer window seal in 10 minutes!

Hi all,

I just replaced the outer window seal for the driver's door. Noticed the other day that the rubber bit was missing-only the plastic was in place.

I got one from Fiat (plastic and rubber as a whole part) for 14.20.

After doing some reading here, I prepared myself for battle, but I did it in 10 minutes. Didn't have to remove the door card or mirror. This is how I did it:

put the window down, and removed the inner seal by just lifting it up.
Then I bent the plastic part of the outer seal in order to have leverage. Bent upwards from the middle part and then all the way to the back.

With the window down and the inner seal out, you get space to unclip the outer plastic with your fingers at the area closer to the wing mirror, where the window is not in your way. Once you manage to unclip it there, you can remove the whole thing.

Putting the new seal in:

raise the window a bit but make sure you leave some space towards the wing mirror without the window in your way.

Fit the seal there, and then slide it towards the wing mirror-it fits just under the mirror's plastic case cover.

Then work towards the other way, fitting the seal in. As you move towards the centre pilar, it becomes harder because the window is occupying the space. Just keep going all the way, and you will find that the seal is not fully clipped.

Push it in with your hands as much as you can, and then lower the window fully. This will make the seal clip in place. Just to make sure push it in a bit more.

Check that it doesn't pull out when raising the window - do this a few times, and then fit the inner seal by just pusinf it in place.

Job done!!!

I don't know if I was just lucky, but I only used my hands for this.

While trying, by accident I pulled the rubber out of the plastic at one end. I removed the whole seal ( plastic and rubber) and put it back in place with a letter opener. I guess that people who have an issue with the rubber coming off when raising the window, can remove the plastic and put the rubber in. I don't think you can do this with the plastic on the door.

EDIT: hm, on second thought if you are to try to refit the rubber in the plastic, try to skip the part where you bent then plastic upwards, because i dont think you can reuse it after that. And Im not sure you can get it out without bending it in the first place....I guess thats why the consensus seems to be that you need to get the whole part..

Hope all this is clear enough ( let me know if not) and will help someone.

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Re: Replacing the outer window seal in 10 minutes!

Very helpful post
My beloved MPI Seicento is now on eBay:
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Re: Replacing the outer window seal in 10 minutes!

outer window seal/scraper trim now costs 37.96 per side from Fiat dealers.
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