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Question 16v questions


I've stumbled upon the 16v conversion( ) on ( yes sei, not cinq. ) and the conversion to the 1242cc 16v engine. I've sent an email to andrew, the site admin, but he hasn't answered yet. So 'm posting the email here in the hopes that anyone of you can answer some of my questions.

( I've searched on the forum for all of the answers, therefore all the questions here have or multiple answers on the forum or are not explained to my satisfaction. )

----- EMAIL FOLLOWS -----

Dear Andrew,

I was looking at your site and the 16v project. I must say that I'm really really impressed by the work you've done to it. The overview page of the project is very nice, but I still have a few questions left. I'm currently exploring the possibilities of a 1242cc engine in a cinq sporting myself so I'm looking around for infomation before I start.

Did I say a few questions ? I actually meant a lot ( 16 ) of them, I've posted them in the order that you use on your 16v page.

General questions:
1) As far I can see, measure and unserstand you Sei's engine bay size and mounting points are exactly the same as a cinq. sportings. Furthermore it seems that the used engine is a normal 1242cc 16v FIRE ( not superfire ) engine. What's all the fuss about hitting bulkheads then ? I see plenty of clearance erand your engine and no real cuts to the frame. And ideas on that ?

Quote Originally Posted by Brickfoot
The original inlet manifold would hit the front bulkhead ( the inlet manifold is the piping that comes out of the engine facing the driver ), so the custom made intake system does not have this problem.
2) The 16v and the 8v engine use the same bottom end right ? So I should be able to use the factory engine mounts ?

The Engine:
3) How much did you shave of the slimmed head? Did you use a normal head gasket to seal again? And what is the current compression ratio? ( Nice porting job btw )

4)How much did you remove from the flywheel or what does it weigh now ?

Brilliant idea to take the Hiabusa tb's. Af fas as I know that's a 1300cc engine so the match is really close, and as the busa's one does 10k rpm the tb's most likely will flow WAY enough air.

5) What did the tb cost? They're pretty rare to come by over here in the Netherlands.

6) Was the exhaust custom made or is it just the 4-2-1 off the shelf from supersprint ?

7) Do you have some more pictures and/or sizes for the manifold? Did you performance test it with varying intake tube lenghts or was the fabrication more of an estimaded guess ? What's intake the tube diameter?

8) Nice set of trumpets :-) Especially the inner 2 ones that are shaved off ( not welded as far as I can see ? ). I assume they are just a set you've bought seperate and adjusted?

9) Any changes in cams or advances in timing ? I Assume the twincams are driven by 2 cogs under the left cover of the engine. I don't know if thay are changable to eachother in timing ?

10) What did you change to the gearbox to strengthen it ?

11) Love the DigiDash the system looks nice. Did you also install the fuel tank sensor? I havn't looked into the cinq's tank but I assume it's really not a straight swap for the new floatation sensor.

12) What's that copper piping in the engine bay ? I assume it's some sort of crankshaft airing. Whats the bottom end connected to ? ( I again assume to the sump ? ).

13) What's up with the analog clocks ? A double check for the digidash system ? And if yes how far are the 2 readings apart ?

14) I assume the battey's moved towards the back? What thinkness of cable did you use for the starter engine ?

15) Why a P8PRO? Isn't the P4 enough ?

16) Massive radiator upgrade for all the extra power? And how about oil cooling, can't really see anything that points to an added cooler.

Well that was it. Thanks a bunch in advance for answering.

---- END OF EMAIL ----
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Re: 16v questions

i can't help but have you tried posting this on the my-sei message board?
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Re: 16v questions

Errrrr.. sounds like a very reasonable idea

( To be honest I didn't look for the forums overthere as I assumed all the my-sei'ers where all on this board. )
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