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It was broken, honest
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Body Computer Connection


Went into dealer this morning to se if they could check the body computer to fix the auto gearbox warning on the dashboard.

They are a great new garage which opened recently. I just turned up this morning and they plugged in the computer but couldn't talk to the auto gearbox. They then tried to talk to the body computer in general and it wouldn't connect at all.

It looks like I have a problem with the body computer talking to the other bits. Everything seems to work fine though, so we can still drive it, although you can't tell what gear you are in if you use the tiptronic setting.

It is going back to the garage on Wednesday.

He also mentioned that a new software version was available which had arrvied this week. So it looks like Stuart and his garage got it shipped to all the dealers.

By the way I tried TMC all day yesterday and not one message, even in London in rush hour on the M25. I had to endure Classic FM for ages.

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Super LOL!
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Interesting points!
Glad to hear that all the dealers have got 5.4 now [although mine did say they didn't have instructions with it - BUT he already had the Eurovan instructions via me]. I wonder whether it was a question of good timing, or a prompt.

TMC sounds weird. On their site [see your other thread], you can actually get up-to-date traffic news. May be worth looking in your area and see if the Ulysse is reporting the same info.

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