Yellow cinq guilford cruise

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Yellow cinq guilford cruise

Whiley said:
how much u got ur car lowered on the octanes mate? any issues with them was considering them as a purchase.

30mm mate. i had a lot of problems getting them on. i had to use spaces and then i cut the rear arm because they would of hit the arm or come out to much out of the arch. Now i have to get the arches rolled.(n)
hey guys i was at that cruise, i started going as the mrs lives just up the road. she mentioned about a little cruise so we went n turns out to be big old turn out every sunday. I only saw one Red cinq, was parked up as i did the lap, gave them a wave then went to have a chat but disappeared for good.

I'll catch u next time, altho brooklands will be next outing de to work :( stupid shifts

keep and eye out for me...cant miss my twin 5.5inch rage exhaust...flames coming this week!!
damien are you going next sunday? may have to get up there if a few FFers are going! only about 1hr away from me, seems like this is a good old turn out! what time etc does everyone do it? may get the GF in her yellow cinq up there aswell, have to meet up nearby, drive in and park them all up together (y)
So typical all the cinqs turn up the night i don't go :rolleyes: lol!

i'm up there nearly every weekend with surrey modified lot, but yea FF guildford cruise be ace :D

infact check out for good measure :) theres usually a thread... i try to get up there for 7:30 most eves, u get the pick of the parking :woot:
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