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Sep 17, 2007
i read in a previous post that the air filter casing
actually goes some way to trapping heat and
causing fuel evaporation.I was planning to fit a k&n and
run two cold air induction pipes from the bottom of the car.
would this mean the carb fan is no longer required?(not sure my one works anyway,do they run permantly or are they switched?)thank's in advance(y)
That was my observation from a few years back - fitting a much smaller aftermarket filter and housing pretty much removed the warm start problems on my car and the only significant difference was the size and shape of the housing.

The original sits over the exhaust and soaks up the rising heat which all gets conducted back into the carburettor.

The cooling fan became redundant after the upgrade and it also goes some way to making things a bit warmer just by filling up the space in the engine bay. The more air flow you can get through there the easier the heat can escape. Yes the fan is switched from a sender in the carburettor and it runs independently of the ignition switch. A lot of people disabled them to stop them running the battery down.

Your plan is basically sound but I would be wary of ducting from beneath the car as you can end up scooping water into the filter if you're not careful.
cheers jimbro.i'm glad you,re on here as i'm feeling my
way in the dark at the mo.the ducting idea was just to point
some cold air towards the induction so it wont go quite as
far as the carb.all depends on how much room there is i