General Wierd engine noise?

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General Wierd engine noise?


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Mar 18, 2004
Derby, United Kingdom.
In the past week my engine gad developed a strange noise - what i can best describe as a 'wheezing' sort of noise that is actually quite loud (can hear it over exhaust). It increases in volume as you rev and decreases with the revs if yu see what i mean. What do you guys think? It was never like this about 2 weeks ago - and the only thing that has happened since then is on sunday i ran into my peyrol reserve about halfway - could this have caused the noise? If not what do you guys reckon and how do i go about solving it?

Cheers guys!

If its like a wheezing kind of noise that icreaces with engine RPM then it sounds very much like some kind of air leak. Maybe one of the vacuum hoses or it could be servo brake related. Are the brakes working ok or do they feel a bit spongy?
Well i took it into the RAC approved mechanic today and he said it was either the cam belt or a set of bearings, but he is going to have to strip the engine to locate the noise - the thing is the cam belt should have been changed in the service in november when i bought the car (it had 63 000 on the clock), and he said this might be causing the diesel like sound when it starts up for the first minute (as he said it might be throwing the valves out?) and also might be causing the engnine managment light to appear for a microsecond - this seems to happen every journey - so it is being hooked up to his computer on monday for a diagnosis. To top it off he said my 5* RAC warranty might not cover the cam belt as this is classed as wear and tear and not component failure :roll: .. So at the moment i have my HGT off the road and cant drive anywhere as he said if the cam belt does snap it could cause £££££££'s worth of damage :evil: !
if its like a high pitched weezing sound, it may be your cambelt tensioner (have i got the name right?) I had mine changed with my cambelt at 35000 and theres no prob of noise anymore!