General Where is the airbag ECU? Bravo 1.4 R Reg, -97

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General Where is the airbag ECU? Bravo 1.4 R Reg, -97


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Oct 13, 2007
I need to have to Airbag ECU resetted (light on after stalk change), the garage who changed the stalk could do it but they cant find the right plug for the diagnostic tool (the engine ECU plug can be easily found near the break fluid under the bonnet, but is no help obviously). They thought the plug is somewhere behind the glowbox or drivers side, but nothing found...

Anyone help where to find it in this Bravo model? Thanks!!! :eek:
Its not there! The garage (and me) checked it several times, the whole glovebox was removed, but theres nothing behind it!
The airbag ECU is right infront of the centre console(the plastic trim with the gearknob and handbrake), remove the forward kick panel and all will be revealed.
The guy is looking for the diag socket for airbag. Ok the airbag wiring has a yellow sleeve and is behind the glovebox, normally fixed to the top of the panel. If you follow the loom around you will find it.