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Where do you Chill......

Stuart DemonD said:
An old topic, but always gets a good response :)

My home desk, situated in the front downstairs family room:


And my PC:


Specced as follows:
  • Thermaltake Xaser case with 4 channel fan speed controller
  • Thermaltake 480W PSU, with fan speed controller :p
  • Aopen AX4C-Max II mobo FSB800
  • P4 2.8Ghz HT FSB800
  • 1Gb of Crucial DDR3200 RAM [soon to be 2Gb]
  • ATI Radeon 256Mb 9600XT [soon to upgraded]
  • Maxtor ATA-133 160Gb Bootdrive
  • Western Digital SATA-150 2*120Gb RAID stripe array
  • External ATA-133 300Gb drive
  • Sony DVD-combo
  • 20.1" Iiyama monitor
  • Logitech Bluetooth hub, mouse & keyboard
  • CanoScan 8000F scanner
  • Canon i990 printer
  • other odds n ends :chin:
F**K ME stu thats a monster.....i dont know anything bout pc's but that thing looks like some serious sh*t!

My Desktop a Dell dimension 4300, 19" monitor is the best bit of it as the rest is getting on a bit now :rolleyes:
Just used mainly for storage and the net now...


and my newest addition a Dell inspiron 6000, i love it :)
oh and the crappy work pc behind it which takes 2 days to load up (n)

Chilling? hmmm..

well its either on the computer in mine and babz room -

Or occasionaly on the computer downstairs which crashes whenever you use it becuase its on 24hours a day 7days a week as it provides internet to the computer in our room and it seriously needs a formatting :p -

Or if im not on the computer it will either be the TV in our room here -

or the TV in the living room although hardley ever use it as my dad rules it and noone else can watch it... here -

or most of the time im in here fiddling -
the garage :D

Computer in our room is a HP Pavilion with a P4 3.6ghz processor, 1gb ram, 2x 160gb hard drives, ATI Radeon x600 pro 256mb. dvd writer, all the usual mod cons etc. nice 17" tft monitor and some speakers that came free with half-life 2 :D they actually bloody good heh. Technicaly babzs computer as she bought it and is still paying for it.

Computer downstairs is an Advent (yes i know its ****e) with an AMD 2200xp processor (1.8ghz), 512mb ram, 115gb hard drive, ati Radeon 8500 128mb, Soundblaster Audigy 2 (the proper good one, not cheaper version which i bought myself :p) used to be pretty fast. is crap now and we have always had problems with the agp so have to run a pci card unfort. seems to crash to blue screen after 5 mins of use heh, doesnt mind being on all the time as a firewall though :)
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excuse the mess but if i tidy it up for pic it would be a lie :p , anyways this is where i chill most nights....
moogs said:
Um, stu...?
Yes - it is a FDD!

And have you ever tried installing RAID without it? :chin: In a word, you can't - as you install windows, it asks you to press F6 for 3rd party drivers - Intel RAID accelerator/Promise Array Management - and these can only be installed via, you've guessed it, floppy drive ;)
Ok, this is turning into kinda the three PC type threads that have been going on lately but I'll post anyway!


That's my desk, erm PC is a homemade special

CASE: ANTEC Slk3700bqe Solution Series - Atx Pc Case With 350w Psu


PROCESSOR: AMD Athlon XP 2500+ 1.833GHz (333FSB) Barton Core Socket A OEM

RAM: Samsung 512 Pc2700 DDR333 184pinn Original Module x 2

COOLING: Thermaltake A1124 Volcano 7 Cooler for Pentium III, Celeron & AMD XP up to 2800+

HARD DISK: 120GB Maxtor DiamondMax Plus 9, 3.5" IDE 7200rpm ATA133 Hard Drive (6Y120L0)

OPTICAL DRIVES: LG GSA-4167BAL 16x DVD±RAM Dual Layer - NEC 2500A 8x DVD-/+R/RW (Supports Dual Layer Writing)


MONITOR: AOC FT700 17" Pure Flat CRT

Here is my tower (RAID ready! LOL)


I sit here with my wireless keyboard and mouse (dont have a better pic of the sofa, o well)


Looking at this


Its about 96" and its alot brighter than that, its just very hard to take pictures of it


gives you an idea on the size :slayer:
PeteyPye said:
is that yours petey pete?

I was trying to get hooked up on a triple display system, simply cos i'm running out of space ont he double screen system.. :)

and SLC you have the same case as me...cept you've bothered to put fancy lights into it (mine are still in a drawer - cold cathodes from back when my pc was "modded")
serin said:
Stus been outdone (y)
Outdone?! :confused: Never been my intention to outdo anybody?! :rolleyes:

Looking good PeterPye - oh to run 3 monitors, lol - I have been tempted for some time to run another monitor on this setup....
This is where I use the Forum. I also have a pc setup upstairs but that's only for work. The one downstairs is for gaming and browsing etc.
Most of the time I just sit on the couch with keyboard on my lap. Gets me away from my work area a bit :)


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This is making me more determined to get another monitor now, lol.

Trouble is, I can't really justify getting another Iiyama Prolite E511S, in black, unless one comes up on eBay :chin: OR maybe just get a smaller one, running on the D-Sub - say a cheap 15" or 17"

*goes off to get inspiration*
Stuart DemonD said:
This is making me more determined to get another monitor now, lol.

Trouble is, I can't really justify getting another Iiyama Prolite E511S, in black, unless one comes up on eBay :chin: OR maybe just get a smaller one, running on the D-Sub - say a cheap 15" or 17"

*goes off to get inspiration*

only problem i have is that the monitors are RGB only. so one rund off the RGB channel, and is ok. the other off a converted D-sub... problem is... one of them is a little fuzzy...

i want one of them matrox cards.. the pharaelia or whatever.. mmm nice.