Technical Water ingress engine bay fusebox

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Technical Water ingress engine bay fusebox


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Dec 11, 2023
I have a 2006 petrol Fiat Grande Punto wher ther lights come of their own accord, the dash is mumbo jumbo and now the horn sounds. This happens when it's wet mainly. The engine bay fuse box has corrosion on some of the pins. If I dry it out and clean it up it sorts till it rains next. Being 2006 it gets very wet inside the car and engine bay.
I did buy a replacement fusebox on eBay but the car refused to start. The one I purchased had less relays and fuses in it so I guessed other parts were probably missing inside.
On eBay I can only find ones now that have more relays than mine has and/or more fuses.
My question is if it has more relays than mine would it make a difference?
Thank you.
this fuse box that you call has also electric board inside. its called body computer. only the correct ecu (engince control unit) with its correct body computer and with the correct key will start the engine. if you want to use other box with other circuit you need to get the data down from your 1st chips on this circuit and upload it to your new one. And you have to know what you doing here, because if you currupt your original data it will get a lot harder to solve.