Technical Very Stupid Question But..

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Technical Very Stupid Question But..


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Dec 12, 2005
Ok I have a really dumb question.. (Whats new?!). :rolleyes:

Where is the towing eye on the front of a Cinquecento SX?
I can't find it (It was dark when I was searching). Is it behind the bumper? I looked but couldn't see it. :bang:

I Dont Know Myself But There Are No Stupid Questions Only Stupid Answers! Might Be A Screw In Tow Eye Under Left Hand Front Light .
The man's right.

Some have a loop poking out of the front bumper, on some you will find stored in the boot a hook with a threaded end which screws into a hole under the headlight in the 'spare' air intake bit.
Thought I asked a real dumb nuggest question then.
It's just I can't find it.
I will have a look in my boot to see if I can find anything..

Thank you guys.
Jebus! what a stupid question :rolleyes:


as pete has already said, will either be on the front of the bumper towards the passenger side of the grill bit (unmissable) or in the litte cutout under the passenger headlight. if its not on the front of the bumper then you should have a thing that screws into the little cuttout just under the passenger headlight. the bit that screws in should be in the boot with the jack and wheel, itlooks like a normal bolt but has a big loop on the top.