General update on my rebuild spec list

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General update on my rebuild spec list

Aug 12, 2004
right, just thought id let all u uno fans know my current rebuild spec that im planning. got most of it already but just to keep u updated.

fully seam welded shell, resprayed everywhere including underneath
approx 200-220bhp
radtech rs500 cossie spec intercooler
16" compomotive mo's
fiat coupe 20vt 4 pot brembos
new full FIA complete cage including double 'X' diaganol
fully stripped out, no head lining, no carpets, nothing
flocked dash
new carbon fibre buckets
carbon bonnet
perspex windows
b&m short shift
side exit exhaust
cossie grp A pipercross induction kit
alloy fuel tank in the spare wheel well
wiring loom lightened
battery in boot
50bhp shot of NOS (maybe)
carbon bonnet (if i can find somewhere to make me one!)
mocal 19 row oil cooler fitted in a modded bumper
new suade steering wheel
Avo coilovers

so thats just a basic run down, got most of the parts now, just need to build it but the weathers a little crap at the mo!

Sure you dont want to sell me your compos ;)

Saw you the other day near the cop shop in Urmston, Louie :D
chrisunoman said:
Saw you the other day near the cop shop in Urmston, Louie :D
Thought it was you. Good to see you have an FF sticker up :D
1986Uno45S said:
Are you sure you haven't forgotten anything on that list Dunc?!!! ;) :p

well, once ive built up my UT to this spec, u should see my new engine spec im gonna build. gonna give jens a run for his money ;) hehe


p.s. no, compos are mine! lol