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General Uno snatching on clutch

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Aug 22, 2006
Wen i set off from first as i release the clutch it snatches and it isn't my driving as my brother drove it and sed it was definatley the car what could it be???
I have been told it may be loose engine bolts but i cannot find any sign of loose engine bolts they all seem to be tight.
A mechanic sed it sounds as if it could be the vacuum return pipe or something like that.
Has n e 1 got n e ideas on what it cud b and where is the vacuum return pipe??????
Jul 13, 2004
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OK - sorry that you haven't had a reply yet :(

Are you certain whether it is the clutch snatching, or the engine not running smoothly under load? If it is the clutch (mechanical fault) then the release fork could be sticking - spray some penetrating oil onto the fork pivot on the transmission bellhousing. Also consider changing the slave cylinder (the hydraulic cylinder on the transmission that operates the release fork). You really need someone to watch the movement of the release fork while you operate the pedal slowly. I think it will be quite obvious if it is sticking.

There is another possible internal cause - where the clutch plate slides on the splines - rust here will cause problems but should clear with regular use. Otherwise the gearbox will have to come off for a clutch inspection/replacement.

If the 'snatching' is the engine not running smoothly (which is more likely), you would expect this to vary somewhat between engine-cold and engine-warmed-up. The vacuum pipe goes to the distributor (if there is a round vacuum advance capsule on the side of the distributor, I'm not sure for that model).

Anyway you need to trace the small rubber pipe around to where it connects to the intake system. Check where the ends push on for splits/cracks. These will let in extra air that affects the running of the engine, which is why your mechanic suggested this as a likely cause (and I agree). Often you can trim the pipe ends back a little - if hardened, the pipe should be replaced. Parts stores (i.e. Halfords) may sell this as 'washer tubing'.

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