General Uno Hobby sunroof and 12v socket

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General Uno Hobby sunroof and 12v socket

Dec 20, 2013
Hi there.

Just bought this great little Uno with just over 60k miles on the clock.

Driving like new, but I have a few issues with it.

I can't get the sunroof to close properly, it still lifts a little at the rear.
How do I sort this?

Regarding cigarette lighter, can it really be true, that I can't find any in this car? And do any have an idea, how I install one the easiest way?

Thanks in advance.

Regards Frederik
I'm sorry but not sure about the sunroof, perhaps others can advise on how to adjust it. I think the Hobby is a Mark2 Uno, in which case the ashtray is hidden under the central part of the top of the dashboard above the push button switches for rear wiper etc. The plastic trim lifts up to reveal the ashtray and the cigarette lighter next to it. I didn't find mine for some time after I bought the car!

Ended up fixing the sunroof with disassembling and assembling of the mechanism that adjust the sunroof.

And what a funny place they chose to hide the 12v outlet haha