Technical Uno Cutting out while driving

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Technical Uno Cutting out while driving


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Jan 18, 2006
Hi there!

Wonder if any of you could help, i have been battling with this problem for a while now:confused: .My uno mia 1100 will drive fine for days and then all of the sudden it cuts out like there is no fuel:cry: .i will give it about 5 to 10 min and it will start up again.I suspected the ignition module and i had replaced it about two weeks ago. it drove fine after that and then yesterday it cut out again, i also heard this unusual loud zinging sound from the rear like it was coming from the fuel pump. Could my fuel pump be giving in.

I need advise urgently.

Thanks peeps:)
Does sound like the fuel pump playing up. When it does it again, pull of the fuel inlet pipe from the throttle body and see if any fuel is coming out. If there isn't, chances are the fuel pump/ fuel level unit has packed up.

Good luck!
Thanks guys, will let you know what the outcome is ;)