General to buy or not to buy part 2

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General to buy or not to buy part 2


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Jul 10, 2005
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Hi folks

i put a thread on the panda page asking for advice as i am buying a new car tomorrow, and originally thought of a panda but having visited the show room today for a rekki i can get a punto for £500 more which will give more incar space etc, so it over to u now, other cars looked are vauxhall corsa (very nice but over £10K and a Ford Ka £6995.

the only thing between the panda and the punto is that i can 0% finance on a panda.

are the punto's good or is it all hype.


It's a no contest if the only opposition is a Corsa or a Gay-A. Go to a garage and see one of them for yourself, you won't be disappointed ;)
Even on a car as new as the Grande punto, there will be room to negotiate on the price. If you try say your nearest three Fiat dealers, it is highly likely that one of them will be able to offer you a "cheap finance" deal, or a reduction in list price for buying using finance (often the dealer makes as much profit on finanance as they do on the car). Just mention to them you are strongly interested in a corsa (don't mention the Panda) and they'll fall over themselves to get your business, especially with a reg plate change in a months time.
Is this a Grande you're looking at? If so, only £500 more than a Panda means they are priced to sell!

The Corsa has poor specification level, and is a bit dated compared to even a Punto Mk2/2b. The only reason to have one is if you need a semi-auto and can't wait for the Grande to get dualogic.

Also, look at Buy A Car, and quote thier price to the dealer - they're going to want to get close to get your custom...