Technical Three thing here take a look and maybe you can help us.

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Technical Three thing here take a look and maybe you can help us.


Byfield Full Monty
May 16, 2005
Hello there - just a list really asking if anyone can help.

1, Headlamp bulb - could not believe you have to remove the front bumper
so went to local dealer and asked the cost. he wanted 45 min labour per side for the bulbs to be replaced. Went home really annoyed and refused to believe this had to be done. Popped in a local garage and spoke to the chap who owns the garage. He seemed to have very small hands..... He came out side replaced the drivers side one without moving anything then proceeded to replace the passenger side bulb by only having to remove the battery cover. Genius I said. How much I said? He said call it £15. I said Thank you very much and drove away very very happy.

2, Question - when going around a round about a little quicker than most I get an oil pressure warning flash up on the display. Any ideas why?

3, When starting the car first thing in the morning we get a very dry rough sound for the first few seconds. cannot explain better than that really but not sure what it is. Anyone have any ideas?

Thanks in advance for all your help
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1. Old news, if you got small hands, or know a mate who has them, get it done for free :p [a search on here would have said the same thing]

2. Have you checked your oil level recently?

3. Do you mean the selespeed priming itself when you first open the door?
Ok thanks for the hands one.....only found somewhere that said take the bumper off.

oil level ok i think will check in a minute to confirm.

and no its a noise that sounds like a starter motor grinding. noisy starting really

the third thing could be the variators on the camshaft, if of course the 2.4 has them.
I have a 1.8 and mine used to make a loud grinding noise on start up, variators replaced under warranty, noise gone!!!
its the coil packs priming up....nothing to worry about unless you start to get a missfire!!
sure it's not just the hydraulic tappits until they are fully pressurized ? you can hear them clearly for the first few seconds, perfectly normal....