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General Thanks and some pics


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Jan 15, 2006
Hi fellers still purty new to the land of Cinq. Gotta say, this forum has been an invaluble source of info.

I've only done a few simple jobs on Marigold so far (Clutch cable, oil, stereo, alarm etc) but some of the how to threads on here have helped a lot, so thanks. :)

Anyway I've put a couple of pics here

Dodgy quality, but you get the idea. Note the cunningly attached Laguna splitter? Amazing what you can do with a tenner, your dad's good wood chisels and a pack of self tappers....

Planning on taking some better pictures once my paint buffer arrives and I get the viper stripes hooked up.
arc said:
lookin good (y)

70bhp though? are you sure? :D
Nope. :p

But I figure between the chip and K&N it can't be far off. Open to correction though and, tbh, bugger paying for a dyno for it. Much better to calculate your own BHP fingures, surely?... :)

Bushboy said:
it isnt a laguna splitter. but what is it? I want one too :p

Laguna splitter has cuttouts in it and drops a bit lower than that.

Actually it IS from a Laguna. A 95 N plate.
Dunno what derrivative though as I only saw it from the front, at a distance.

I was after the one with the cut outs but the scrapyard attendant showed up with this one.

I thought he'd bumped me for a Laguna one but, after scowling at the front end of passin Lagunas for the last week or so, it would appear that most of them actually have one like this. i.e without the cutouts.

Gotta say I think this kind looks better though. Plus as most people aren't Renault experts and assume all Lagunas have cut outs, it keeps people guessin as to were it came from :p

Seriously though, start looking at them Renaults I didn't realise there were different chin spoilers till I got this one. Spotted two dif types on the pre-facelift and one type on the face lift models.

Like this one
Rots98 said:
Nope. :p

But I figure between the chip and K&N it can't be far off. Open to correction though and, tbh, bugger paying for a dyno for it. Much better to calculate your own BHP fingures, surely?... :)

wat chip have u got?

my car will only have about 70-73ish BHP, and mine has the punto 60 1.2 engine, chip, 40mm tb, and GSR induction kit.

the standard 1.1 engine has 54bhp, so your goin to be around 60bhp with those mods ;)

im liking the splitter tho, done a good job with it (y) wat else u got planned for her?
I stand corrected :D

the ones with the cuttouts must be from the older lagunas. the one in the picture is newer (as im sure you knew anyway :p )

will keep an eye out! it does indeed look much nicer than the older splitters (y)

Also, as mase has said, its probably running around 60hp. The K&N wont do anything for performance, its just a noise making thingy. Any kit that just bolts onto the top of the throttle body wont really do much unfortunatly.

What chip have you got? please dont say it cost £2.99 from ebay :eek:
Using Mckrich's chip. Which I'm almost certain I read somewhere gave 12bhp. Re-read the chip thread just now though and I'm seeing 6% which'l be about 3.5bhp then. I hate gettin confused in public >.<

As for the K&N it must do something, as when I go back to the stock airbox the car is noticebly down on performance as well as the more important noise factor.

I've actualy had people turn round to check out the sporty sounding car and look right past me tryin to see it, Doh!:p

Been tryin to add pics and change my wildly exagerated bhp claims since last night but I'm guessin my isp is havin probs as I still can't connect to the ftp server.

As for plans...

Waiting on a buffer arriving to sort the paint out, then it's Viper stripe time.
Had read the threads on the tricker TBs. Are they worth the cash?
Also tryin to decide which exhaust to go for.
Mmmm and that'l be me.

Thanks for all the positive feedback guys :)
Phew, finally managed to get sorted out with my ISP. Pics and stuff updated =)