Technical Tempra Deisel engine removal

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Technical Tempra Deisel engine removal


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Oct 18, 2007
Afternoon all, I'm doing a friend a favour and have ended up having to remove her engine from a 1995 Tempra Diesel. I have the head off.:mad:

Whats the best way to get the engine out and the new (second hand) unit back in.

ed to ad that what I really want, really, really want is to know if I can get the engine out without removing the transmission.

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Norman Verona
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Nov 27, 2005
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The porter manual says they need to come out together. So I did it that. But it didn't say why. I could not see, when doing it, an actual impediment to the engine coming out seperately (dropping them out in each case). Perhaps most awkward is getting the drive shaft stub that will be left on the engine frontways over the subframe. So check that you can get the lateral movement you would need with g/box left in.

Apart from undoing the selector rods, detaching clutch cylinder and prob cutting through the g/box side mounting and replacing it (as it will probably be seized) I don't think taking the g/box out with the engine is much more work given the rest you have to do, and may be easier on balance.