Tuning Tempra 1.6 any option for power increase?

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Tuning Tempra 1.6 any option for power increase?


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Jun 24, 2014
Hello, i have Fiat Tempra 1996 engine 159B9000 1.6 (90 BHP)
I am looking for a way to increase the power of this engine by 10-15 HP
I have a pretty healthy engine, a week ago I did compression test - 195,197,197,197 PSI with throttle fully open, and it doesn't consume oil at all (i use 10w-40).

i did a research on a turbo kit and its too expensive for me....
now i see a chip tuning on ebay that connects to some kind of air sensor but it cost about 100$, is it worth it? did you tried it on your Tipo,Tempra?
overall the car runs pretty good, but when i use air condition and i use it 80% of the time i feel that lack of power...
do you have any idea?
I'm also to upgrade my engine 1.6 to 1.8 16valve.
Who tried please give me the advice.
Thank you very much
I am not sure about the 159b9000-engine, but it looks tot me that this is the 1581 Lampredi SOHC engine. PLENTY of possibilties for some easy extra power. If you like things more 'standard' you could beter try an 1581-16v swap (from bravo/brava) then the superfire 1.6-16V engine.
These chips advertised on eBay for example, are a waste of money. You cannot increase the power of an non turbo engine this way.
Lampredi always said, power is in the head. You are limited with the throttle body. A bigger one will allow more air in, but only go a few mm bigger. But the head needs gasflowing, with better camshaft.
Bottom end is pretty bombproof. More compression ratio. Skimming the head will increase, but be careful.
Injectors might need to go up in size. Most can cope with a small power increase. If the injectors have not been cleaned and recalibrated in awhile, have them done. You will be surprised in the difference in performance!