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swedish massage


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Apr 10, 2005
Anyone had one???

im having my first today.. i`ve been told its somewhat rough :( not sure if i should look forward to it or run and hide
Is that the one where they beat you with sticks? :D
:eek: :eek: WHAT?!?!? lol think i might stay home :eek:
i did have a look... just wondered if anyone had experienced one thats all....but thank you anyway very kind of you to look
im kinda like that.... its a bit odd get half naked in front of a stranger... but hey after the stress i`ve had my neck and back are like rock.... gonna have a facial to keep myself looking young lol

u not in to any of it then sammi?
No not at all.... I would hate a face massage or a foot massage, i hate my feet or face being touched!!!

When H has tried to grab my feet I threaten to kick him, it goes through me :eek:

I have had a massage off H but thats another story ;) :D :p
yeah i hate my feet touched to... start kicking about like a mad women lol

massages of partners is a whole other story :D

i love facials.... im not a girly girl trust me... but its so nice when things are going mad to take an hour out and not have to care about anything others than tinkly music
Derbychick said:
gonna have a facial to keep myself looking young lol

Remarks like that could open the door to another thread of smut :)
Me either... :confused:

I like being massaged. Even my feet if its someone I trust not to tickle. :D
im sorry i cant either... unless by me saying keep young u mean to keep moisterised..... then i can see how it could turn into smut
sammiboo said:
yes... your'e a strange boy :p
I'm not strange.........................I'm very very special :p
special as in rides a yellow bus? :)