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Sep 25, 2004
Have got a mk2 punto sporting 6 speed the car is allready pretty rapid but will a supechip make much difference whast the current bhp pn punto sporitng mk2's and how much difference will a superchip make also are they expensive?
i dont think superchips do a chip for mk2 punto , well it is not listed on there website

personally i would go for a remap, check the banner ads on the top of the page (angel tuning, celtic tuning) , i know that gsr can remap a punto aswell

i think the standard bhp for a 1.2 16v sporting is 80bhp, a remap can add upto 10bhp+, combine that with a good induction kit and exhaust and it even more

have a search on this forum , your question has been covered many times
I think its been proven that the mapping gives no way near the quoted 10bhp.

Its worth doing and it does make a difference but now way near what has been quoted in the past.
thefishdude said:
actually i beive they quote 8hp and i belive its been proven.

:yeahthat: it is quoted as 8 on angel tuning website, im sure i seen 10 on there though :eek: , or maybe i was combining re-map with induction kit :chin:
The best route is a DIA/Remap with the map customised to the DIA. This will give you over 10bhp/12lb ft for just £265 + VAT, which includes coming to you.

If you want to come to us we can do it for £230 + VAT for both.

We also offer the CDA option, filter option or just the remap (£185 + VAT inc coming to you), just let us know your budget and what you are looking to acheive.

Please dont PM us though or ask us questions here as we dont get on often enough to answer them - [email protected] or 087 091 091 16 (England & Wales) or 087 091 091 17 (Scotland & Ireland)

or of course pop onto the website,

Angel Tuning