Sunroof Removal Guide
  • Close the sunroof
  • Turn the little silver screw on the inside approx 90 degrees, don't force it any more than it wants to go
  • Push quickly on the rear of the sunroof from the inside, it will pop up
  • Holding it up, you will see a little catch ont the right if looking to the rear
  • Release the catch, and raise the sunroof out of the car

okay while its out

(from kritips post)

Basically, one of the seals in the sunroof was gone and one of the drainage holes was slightly blocked....the exact same symptoms were there in my situation, angle of car, where the water went..etc.

Clean and flush all 4 drainage holes...then for good measure unscrew the 4 screws that hold the lifter and the 4 screws on the on two slots for the front of the sunroof.

Pull down the roof inside at the front and remove the plastic holders...pull of the old seal, and liberally apply translucent silicone sealant around all the seals of the 3 pices you removed. refit, silicone some more, screw tight, silicone the screw heads


  • Refitting is reverse of removal
  • for help though, when turning the screw back up, get someone to push down on the sunroof the help it meet the thread