Styling Sun Strip And 17's

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Styling Sun Strip And 17's

Jan 24, 2006

Can any one tell me where i can find a good looking sun strip for a Bravo and what alloys look best on a Bravo

Also, one last thing, can anyone please tell me where ic an look for a Bravo apart from autotrader as I am looking for one

Please help

Many Thanks:yum: :rolleyes:
i just got a plain black sunstrip on my bravo and i put my website sticker on one side of it :p

isnt really many place to look to buy em.. id say the trader was the best place. dont buy the 1st one you see hagve a look about and dont be put off travelling for a better one as long as you aint going to the other side of the country :p
There's no such thing as a good looking sunstrip ;) And wheels are a personal choice, you have to go with what you like :) I can't help you look as I'm the wrong end of the country.