Technical Strange ratteling noise

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Technical Strange ratteling noise


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Nov 26, 2011
When i drive on uneven road i hear a strange metallic rattling from from front left wheel. Have checked springs, balljoints bushings, almost everything. Does anyone habe any suggestions ?
Me too !! I have just replaced the passenger side front drop link(the bit between the anti roll bar and the wishbone)the original ones rubber bushes had rotted. Made an improvement though but I am now hearing other noises judders a bit on drive off. It was an easy enough job and the part was as cheap as chips.:)
Replaced mine a while back also control arms aswell. But still there
My next move is to "borrow" a garage ramp and support the cars weight. I think if I can get all the suspension components to "hang down" ie, without having the cars weight on them, then I may be able to get a better view and try some serious leverage on all the components. Its a shot in the dark trying to do it visually with the car on the ground.:bang: