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Apr 24, 2005
I was driving home last night on the motorway when I heard a load "crack". I assumed it must have been a stone hitting the windscreen but couldn't see any damage. Anyway, today I noticed there is an indent and cracking to the bottom passenger side of the screen.

No problem, I thought, I'll just 'phone the insurance company to get their glass replacer to change it, how wrong I was! Turns out that my car insurers glass repair agency doesnt carry the stilo windscreen as standard stock (at least not the one for rain sensitive wipers, didn't actually know there was a difference?).

The upshot is that it could be anything up to a month as Fiat don't apparently have any screens or the special adhesive used by Fiat! I guess that is the downside to owning a Stilo, due to its rarity you wait an eternity for spares. One of the few instances were you feel envy for a Focus/golf driver as they'd get a new screen within the hour!
My car had a new screen in October before I bought it after a stone-chip crack....Its a Pilkington screen though I haven't got Rain sensitive wipers......Surely that just on a sensor? Would have thought the windscreen would be stock?
You'll probably find that the rain-sensitive ones have a hole in the black masking behind the rear-view mirror.
yeah, the original screen is a pilkington/Fiat one. I am hoping that it will turn up much quicker than the month quoted, as they said it could turn up at any time. Out of interest, what did you have to do to get the new screen re-etched with the chassis number etc? do you have to take it to a fiat dealer?
im a window fitter and our company stocks both types the only difference as hmallet said is theres a oblong shaped whole were the black stuff's missing. how much are u paying ur insurance company in excess for it
think ur self lucky then mate. we charge 190 quid to fit a stilo windscreen. im so glad i dnt have to pay that much.
out of interest, how long does it take on average to replace the windscreen? I think its autoglass or RAC glass who do it for Sainsbury's so they come to you. Just wondering if its something I'll need to take a day off work for.
it took me just over an hour for my stilo but i did take my time. clearing up the old glass is the enoying part
If £190 includes to cost of the windscreen, that is very cheap compared to my last window replacement. The windscreen fitter said the glass alone was over £300, that was for heat reflective, tinted at the top for a 2001 Vectra.

Luckily I only had the £50 insurance excess to pay, like most people with fully comp insurance.
then you would of bin ripped off, for a vectra ur probably looking £150 max. more like £120 probably there so comon thats y we can do them cheap. i think the guy was bull sh*tting u. that price is about rite for a slk55 amg. or something in that price
Could be, don't know.

To be honest, I'm not that bothered if it was 300 or 120 quid. The price to me would be the same £50 through the insurance.

If he thought he should BS me, then that's up to him.