Technical Starter motor is the next thing to change

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Technical Starter motor is the next thing to change

Nov 5, 2023
My project car needs the starter motor changed. Unbeknown to me at the time, it was this issue that originally brought me to this forum, which is a good thing because I like it here!

The starter has been crunching on occasion for ages now. But tonight it just didn't want to start at all without being bumped. I'd hoped that I could just forget about it and let it crunch every now and again, but I can't be bumping it, because at times it might be dangerous.

I'm still not through the backlog of jobs on this car... I already have an EML light on, heavy suspension, and another brake light has gone out. I'm still smiling though, well sometimes lol :)

I'm not sure when the bad starter will be off, probably sometime next week, but I'll post some pics to see if someone can diagnose it, maybe it can be repaired, or its a loose connection, will see :)