Cinquecento Sporting with no sunroof

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Cinquecento Sporting with no sunroof

My 1996 Sporting has no sunroof. Its also Imola Blue, which makes it a seldom seen machine.......but lets face facts, there aint many Cinques about anyway! So they`re all very rare, I haven`t seen one out on the road for really some time now

Values have been in the "banger" ranks for far too long but hey! in this weeks classic car buyer they have the Cinquecento top price at £1750,,,,,,,,,,,,
I'm starting ot think I should restore mine instead of track day the old girl. Less than 60,000 miles but the drivers seat and steering wheel show signs on much more wear than the mileage would suggest and I'm the thirteenth owner.

Nice history file with it though. I'll go through it and check the mileage on the old MOT's to see if/when the dash cluster was changed.
There seems to be plenty of used parts available and it would appear that the last vestiges of the Cinquecento are now being broken, or laying unused/sorn. There are, it seems, still many new and old stock parts available but the availability will be less as time goes by. This of course is not helped by the Fiat policy of obsolete parts stock. As many Fiat enthusiasts with older and rarer models will vouch.

The "classic" car values of these models may well now be at the bottom of the curve and those of us preserving various models will probably see values slowly climb. To many 1990's teenagers these were first or second cars and those 30 somethings of today, may well seek nostalgia as those of us of an older generation seek the old pleasures of the 128, 127, 124 and Mirafiori.
I have no doubt the Cinquecento will go the way of the Panda both in cult status and parts problems but most are available from the continent if you don't mind the leg work (road trip to Italy who would mind that?) or postage.
I didnt realise sportings without sunroofs were sort after. When I ordered mine I had to wait an extra 6 weeks just for a yellow one, the only option I ticked was for the airbag/pretentioners.
I really should get mine back on the road, I have had her from new (21 years come the 3rd of next month), never wanted for a thing when in use with all receipts in a folder and I did about 120,000 miles in her before laying her up in a garage back in 2004 when I got my first X19! Once the Coupe is sorted, I think this will become my next project! (y)
Keep an eye on mine as I'm hopefully going to do the Panda 100hp conversion (well Idea 1368 16V at least).

I wouldn't say "sort after" as such but I've been after one so I don't have a sunroof to contend with on track.

1/ It's like driving with a sack of potatoes on the roof.
2/ It would get in the way of a cage if I take it that seriously. ;)