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General Some general help for a noob...!


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Jan 22, 2006
Hello there. I'm new to this site so HELLO :wave:

I'm pretty non-technical when it comes to cars so bare with me.

I have a Fiat Cinquecento 1.1 Sporting in yellow. One of the lights has gone on my dashboard, the one that illuminates the heater direction slider control. How do I gain access to the bulb so that I can change it?

Also, I need a couple of parts. One of the brackets that hold the parcel shelf in place (the one it locates into when it's down) has broken. This is cos I have a heavier parcel shelf that houses my speakers and it's just given way over time. Is it best to go to my dealer for a replacement? And some scumbag has stolen my aerial. Again, do I need to go to a dealer for a replacement?

Hope you guys can help. Many thanks in advance for your time.

scrappys is a far cheaper option for those bits.
the heater bulb requires the black shroud to be removed.
IIRC there are 2 torx screws behind clips on either side of the clock and another 3 or 4 in plain view on the bottom off the shroud. dealers charge about £2 a bulb or yo can liberate them at the scrappys

trust me if you own a cinq you need that haynes manual ;)
Thanx for your reply custard! What do you mean by the 'shroud?' And how do I get to the torx screws behind the clock as you mentioned?

I should also mention, my Cinq is a later model, with the airbag...just in case that makes a difference?
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The shroud is the big black 'lid' that goes over the clocks and heater controls. Take off the screws in plain view then gently shuffle or feel around to find the rest :) You won't need to go near the steering wheel so don't worry about that.
is it difficult to replace aerial :S i have jus bought my cinq n am unsure ow u go bout fittin em :s any 1 nooooo ? :) x