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Shop4Parts discount code

If you have donated to the forum (correct amount to be eligible) access is activated by the the system managers. I have found I have always gained by donating annually even if only slightly and the forum also gains. These days it doesnt take long for it to reach payback.
Hi guys I'm just new to this forum but was recommended by Shop4Parts to join and I could get a discount code.

I've got an Abarth 595 Competizione with a snapped shocker and the price of the parts is eye watering. Please somebody help a brother out.

I've used shop4parts for the last 3 years and they're amazing. I've spent a fortune with them and love the service they provide. But would really love a wee 10% off at this point of crisis.
You need to donate on here to get access to the code. Go to forums look at Fiat forum bottom oof the three items is Help the forum. I cant remember how much is needed to get the code, I pay my £25 to get rid of the ads and I get the members offers thrown in. I always get my money back via parts discounts and its a win win as far as I can see. Shop4parts I agree are excellent. @ben will tell you if you cant locate the requied sum, I am sure.
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