Tuning Seicento uprated brakes for sale?

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Tuning Seicento uprated brakes for sale?


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Jul 28, 2020
Was wondering if anyone had brakes + callipers for sale for my sei
Maybe from a Punto gt I’ve read but there are a host of other cars just proving difficult finding callipers as they’re quite rare nowadays I’m assuming, thanks in advance guys
Stock sporting brakes with decent pads did me for a couple of trackdays and are still going strong.

The car doesnt weigh anything so uprated bigger brakes aren't really necessary imo
I have full braided brake lines from front to back, master to caliper. Fiat punto elx I think they were, calipers front and rear and a rear brake conversion kit with a seicento I'm selling. I may be able to be persuaded to part with it or grab the car in it entirety for stupid cheap and have all the parts haha