Technical SEICENTO firing only on 1 + 4 URGENT HELP

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Technical SEICENTO firing only on 1 + 4 URGENT HELP


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Sep 15, 2007
Please help my wife is heavily pregnant and needs her car.
It started to do this occasionally but is now only firing on 2 cylinders.
I have swapped the plug leads to the opposite ciol and confirm the coil is ok.
I find it hard to believe that 2 leads have gone down at the same time so im guessing its the electrics to the coil but not sure.
The plugs 2 & 3 are sparking but it l;ooks a weak blue spark.
I cant pull one of the other plugs to see the other sparks of 1 & 4 as the engine stalls.
Does anyone have any idea or has ever experienced this problem please.
So in short the coils must be ok, the plugs are sparking but i recon weak.
2 & 3 defo do not contribute to the engine running anymore.
Please help.
the coil pack is fine because i swapped them over, i can only think its the electrics to it or where the electrics goto??????
Back to the start.

You say you swapped the coil leads over. From where to where?

Did you swap the supply leads too?

More info please.