Technical scudo 1.9ltr jtd 2005


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Dec 8, 2013
:D I have never had any regrets in buying this van (28thou miles £4000. runs smooth, pleny of poke, no MOT falures, no advisories.

This van did not come with front fog lights!, i have bought 2 genuine Fiat secondhand ones for me to fit personally if its possible, this is where i need some advice please.


Are the positions ready wired to a switch? if not, is it easy to wire them up to a switch?. Switch places available adjacent to the Hazzard warning switch.

How to remove the circular infill grilles in the front bumper?. (y)

Alternately: would it be possible to wire them direct to the rear foglight so they come on at the same time when operating the switch on the light stalk! or would it be better to wire the independantly?.

I have assumed that they are foglight positions and not daylight driving lights.

On another subject: My drivers side sliding door has a lock malfunction! something has come adrift inside the lock, the door will not open with a key, i have to reach inside and flick the lever to release the door!, it will lock with the key. The van is ply lined.

Thank you for any forthcoming tips or solutions.


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Dec 14, 2010
If its helpful the fog lights are held in by 10mm short bolts that screw in the bottom. Access to the bolt heads is via a round cut out under the bumper...possibly the blanks are held in this way too?