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Scottish Panda Meet


Dec 13, 2006
I know this thread should be in the 'Meets' section but I wanted to gauge the response first.

One of my contacts from ALFAOWNER, has a Panda Sporting as well as a rather nice 147 GTA & Spider and has kindly offered to let us park our cars on the sea front at Largs (on Ayrshire coast along from Glasgow) in front of his well known italian restaurant - we have done this before in the GTV's and proved very popular with locals and vistors. There is probably space for around 15 - 20 Panda's.

We could link it into a Scottish meet and run if there were any takers - I only need another one to justify calling it a 'meet'.:rolleyes: ;)
Jeez......this proved popular.:bang:

Not sure if it was down to the fact that it was 'moved' from New Panda Section too quickly (it was posted to gauge number of possible takers first before formal meet posting after all) or there is just a general reluctance for fellow scottish owners to meet up.:rolleyes: Never realised you were all so shy.

Hey ho.....guess I'll just continue to go out to play with the ALFA folks.
True......thanks for the tip mate.

Just fancied a single model meet for maximum effect. Done plenty of single marque meets in the past. Guess it'll be exactly that.....a single model.:rolleyes: