Technical Replacing water pump for windscreen wipers


too many codes
Dec 1, 2003

after replacing my 10 y old battery with a new one which I charged overnight, I noted a malfunction of the water pump for the windscreen wiper fluid when trying several hours later. On the first try, the pump would start with an unusually low pressure, it would make a timid noise and after 2-3 seconds the sound of the motor pump was gone completly. Since then, total loss of function, no more motor noise of the pump, no nothing. Rear window also is not irrigated anymore. There is enough liquid.

I checked the fuses, they are fine. Also, the window wiper motor still functions. But not the water pump for the wiper liquid, it's just dead.

So I ordered a new pump. But apparently, one needs to remove the left front wheel and the wheel well fairing (is a continental model left seat drive).

There is no way to access the pump from above.

Removing the front wheel is not an issue, but I wonder if I will need to put her on a lift to remove the fairing.

Anyone done this already? Any special tools needed?

Should I also order new tubing as the two old lines might be stuck fast and not come of the pump, or maybe just cut the old ones and reconnect their endings to the new pump?

Jan 11, 2015
I suppose it is just above the plastic mud guard as with the earlier Punto. You just need to remove the many screws holding the guard and get the guard out of the wheel well. If you can get the wheel off you can get the guard off. I am not sure about the connections. A bit of heat might help