General Replacing the back box on a 2000 Punto JTD

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General Replacing the back box on a 2000 Punto JTD


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Dec 11, 2006
South Wales
Well, that was fun. I am posting this as a kind of cautionary tale for anyone who finds themsleves in the same boat.

My experiance with standard exhausts led me to the conclusion that it's usually best to get your local tyre/exhaust place to fit it as they can usually do the work for the same price as I can buy the replacement.

Went to three different place and each time I was told "Dealer only bit Mate", so I went to my usual supplier and sure enough they could source one (It was still £115:eek: :eek: :eek: Now I know why the car was so cheap :rolleyes: )

Anyway, I bought the box and this afternoon as I am off work I decided to give it a go. Got underneath and and realised the problem. The original box is part of the centre pipe. In other words the cat and back box are ONE PIECE (n)

There was no way in hell I was going to buy a new cat and box so swearing loudly I ventured upstairs and dusted off the cd with the workshop manual on it. To my surprise the manual (Proper Fiat job) went through step by step how to cut the existing pipe and fit a normal replacement.

Easy peasy. Cut the pipe with an angle grider and some brute force, cleaned the burrs off, applied some paste, slid the new box on, tightened the clamp, sorted the rubbers and hey presto, one quiet Punto.

Here is the diagram of where to cut the pipe;


And here is what the box looks like after being cut;


Hope someone finds this useful!
did mine with a jigsaw and guesswork in the dark about two days before gaydon last year, made the mistake of putting the car on ramps insead of axel stands won't be doing that again althougth shouldn't have to as fitted a supersprint st/steel back box