Technical Removing fridge from Multipla?

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Technical Removing fridge from Multipla?

Jun 10, 2007
I've been lucky enough to get a late model (high milage) old style Multipla with a fridge between the two front seats. If I got hold of a spare seat for the occasional times when I might need 6 seats, is changing fridge & seat over an easy job? I've not lifted the carpets yet; not sure how the fridge is held in place............... Jim.
easy job,if you can get at bolts holding seats down.Undo air bag connectors under seat if you have them[once disconnected do not turn the ignition on till air bag connected up again,or air bag light will come on] remove front outer seats first.remove fridge.refit new centre seat,if you get the plastic trims for the middle seat[also act as air vents]fit them before fitting outer seats back in.when fitting outer seats,move the seats outward about 1",there are screw holes there,otherwise the seats are too close to each other and the seat belt will also need 2 more screws to fasten the seat down,as the fridge is held down with 4 screws and the seat needs 6.