General Relay R9 and Fuse 22?

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General Relay R9 and Fuse 22?

Which fuse box you looking in. Mk1 have a fusebox on the right hand side of the steering wheel...and one hidden in the top of the glovebox. Try the other.
Any other mk punto you are on your own though...I know nothing :p
After reading this article:

it says at the bottom to check relay R9 and fuse 22. So I open up the fuse box and there is no fuse where fuse 22 should be. Also I have no idea what Relay R9 is so I don't know how to check it?

Any advice?


It says R9 underneath the relay,pull one out & see (small red from memory)....also fuse 22 is numbered,look closely,its hard to tell if 22 is the one above or below.
ts a MK2 punto, and I know where fuse 22 should be in the fuse box as I looked on the diagram but there honestly isn't one where there should be. Still confused about the whole relay thing though :(