Marea RED Marea 20v


Couple of pics of my latest Italian motor. :D sorry for the large pic size!
Just got a photobucket account.....


And some of my other can be seen here, past and present. :cool: feel free to click in the links to various car folders!

Thanks guys, yeah will be lowering it and fitting a set of 17's when money allows. :cool:

At then moment the clear repeaters and the nicer badges are the only changes I've made.

Not bothered about any other mods at the moment. :)
I've got a bit of a soft spot for these, especially in this red. Would love one with a 20v Turbo in it maybe a project for the far off future (I'd better start saving!) Nice car mate, get the new wheels on ASAP! Any idea what style wheel your going to go for?
Yeah it is really good nick for its age!
I'd love a turbo in it too, think alot of parts would need upgraded for that though.

I've actually seen a perfect set made buy Wolfrace, 6 spokes that kinda look like a bigger stretched version of the originals.....the website I've seen them has them for £400 delivered with tyres!!! A bargin for 17's, obviously not a big seller, but I think they would look spot on on the Marea. Wish I had the money now, cos if I dont get a set of those for that price I'm not sure what style to go for! I quite like the look of RVS sports also to go with the car, only slightly dearer from the same site. See pics of both below -

Private plate going on the car soon also, hence the JKZ.....
got the plates made up in Italian style euro look!




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Cheers folks! :D

I'm not sure about white, dont think the mareas a motorsporty enough looking car...if that makes sense! :confused: but yeah maybe multi spokes!

If I had £400 for wheels and £100 for springs i'd be getting one of those 2 sets but buy the time I have the money in about a month I think either those styles will no longer be available for that price...or i'll have decided on something else! :idea:
nissanmansco said:
Love the vents on that bonnet and the grill. our uk ones are so dull.
yeah, i'm trying to get a bonnet ;)

JKZ24 said:
OK thats my mission now! :cool:
Not fussy for the vents and side skirts but lowererd on white 17" multispokes I agree looks minted. (y)
M cars has all the original badges removed and I like my front grille better, so I'd just leave it as is and do wheels and springs! :idea:

Thanks for those pics mate!

no worries, mines going down on 17's but i think 18's will suite better.... mines blue though so its a whole different class :cool:
they look so sweet in that red,couldnt find one ,when i wanted one.
bodywork looks mint.will be top notch went lowered and alloys fitted.:D :slayer: :slayer: