Rear Speakers Punto mk2

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Rear Speakers Punto mk2


Nov 30, 2005
Hi.. i have a head unit which produces 4 x 45.. i just replaced my front speakers, and i want to do my back ones now. i dont know wether to get round ones or the 6 x 9's.. im trying to do this without getting another amp. Any ideas?
i already got a sub in the boot, so i should jus replace them with 13cm's. what kinda watt speakers roughly should i be looking at?
yeah i mite not get back speakers. lots of people are saying there useless. guess my ICE is complete... dont think i need anything else
yea my mate helped me.. we fitted them in nicely..

wonder what i can get next for the car..
yeah i was going to get that done.. but i dont really want another amp in the boot.
lol.. im not getting it done though.. i hate having amps in the back.. dont want another.. whats your car ICE like?
H2DaE said:
I would say the next investment for an ICE install would be an amp to power those front speakers (y)

Yeah, just amp the fronts up a bit and you'll have all the elements needed for a good install (y)