Reading M4 To Coombe Or Morrisions?

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Reading M4 To Coombe Or Morrisions?


Put a towl on it
Mar 5, 2007
Me and Jamie will be getting on the M4 at reading if anyone else going is coming that way, have a convoy down??
Whiley will no doubt be getting on the M4 at Reading (Junction 12).

I'll be getting on a little bit further on I think because I'll be coming from Banbury on Saturday so will meet up with Alex first thing and then join you guys on the M4 :)
ok cool, sounds good to me, is there anyone else coming that direction do you know?
Not that I know of I'm afraid mate, just Gaz (Whiley) as far as I can tell from the attendees list.

I would be if I was at home tomorrow night but I wont be.
ah fair enough mate, erm i dunno what time we setting off yet i live hindhead area so hopefully shouldnt have to be 2 early, drop me a pm with your number or something and i text you 2 see where you be when we get on m4??
PM sent fella :)

Will be heading off around 7am'ish I'm guessing and probably joining the M4 around the Swindon area so will aim to join up with you guys around there.
Alright dude, thats cool, hopefully Whiley will notice this thread and say somthing before sat!
As it would be boring-ish only going down with a 1car convoy
Who you meeting up with on the way, GrandeJ?

Look out for the black Bravo HGT and the blue MR2 taking it easy in the slow lane trying to save on the petrol :eek:
lol well im not legal to drive yet age limits consive, so yea GrandeJ is pickin me up on the way, and ok cool we look out for you, look out for black Gp in fast lane:rolleyes:
Thats fair enough mate, means you've got an excuse to sit back and relax :)

Fast lane??? :eek: Has GrandeJ sold the 1.2 and bought a real one? :p lol only joking Jamie :eek:

lmao well fast lane compared to you slow people in the slooooooooooow lane:p
hey im leaving mine at 7 so should be on the m4 by about ten past 7 aiming to be there for about 8 - 8.20 look out for a black 106 gti with a damaged passenger door as some cock in a 4x4 reversed into me :mad: