Technical rattle from engine

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Technical rattle from engine


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Oct 29, 2005
hey guys, ive got an 85sx mk1 with a slight problem with the engine.

originally i thawt it mite have been a worn accelerator cable but now ive been told that the top end of the engine is on the way out, as the rattle tends to peak in the higher revs. i have bought some specialist liquid that ive put in the oil reservoir thats meant to coat all the engine parts after around 1000 miles.

Just wondering if anyone knows if its repairable viaa mechanics and how much it costs roughly? cheers reply here or to me personally at:

[email protected]:worship:
you mean you put slick 50 in it?

Thats about all the preventative measures you can do, well that and not reving it past 2500rpm until its warmed up to at least 1/3 of the way up the dial (coolant would be about 65degrees at that point) or 15minutes of running.

when it goes it goes, nothing you can really do to stop it I'm afraid
i have the same model punto , and had same problem , mine was mainly when i reved to about 3000 rmp , the top end would realy rattle. I was told the same thing, top end was F **KED . but i had a problem with my water water , so got the pump changed, and while that was been done cause the cambelt was dure for changing and had to be took of to do the pump, the belt was out a tooth, and the cams, werent, set, ive never had a problem since . and i was going to change the whol eengine,
Hope this helps .
Ive got a mk2 punto, and had a rattle, i replaced the tappets, checked the valves and springs and they allseemed fine. So i took it to my local mechanic (very trustworthy guy, friend of family etc) he's taken it apart, it seems some puntos have this problem, especially mk2 8v. bacicly for some reason (i think the water pump paked up once) the engine over heated, all the pistons temporarly seized due to heatsieze andthe rattle is a little end bearing, for example every time the piston reaches the top of the bore, the conrod pulls down and because there is some clearance in the top bearing (little end) you get a tap. Im having mine fixed now, should be done mon, cost me bout £360!