Rare yellow cinq rear lights

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Rare yellow cinq rear lights

Sorry Adam, bit of confusion there, those particular ones in the UK auction look ok. I supposed the german ones could be converted kind of.

cinqysxmk2 said:
that's what I meant... for UK legal that's the way they have to be... on german ebay they will be the other way round

Doesn't matter.

My red CInq although RHD was imported from Germany new and had the LHD rear lights and it never once failed an MOT because of it. I am thinking on ditching my reverse light by fitted one LHD unit and one RHD unit and then have twin fog lights as the light clusters would then be the same as each other and look better.

The ones on German eBay were made by MHW who are the only poeple to have ever made them I believe in yellow/smoked etc