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Radio Medianav code


Nov 26, 2017
I have seen a lot of posts of people asking for help with radio codes. I have a 22 model Fiorino with all service/ownwers doc's. I removed the steering wheel to see what replacement steering wheels I could put on the Van, once I gathered all the info I could I put the wheel/airbag back on reconnected the battery and input the security code proveided by Fiat, Wrong code. The gist of the post is Fiat must have changed the Media Nav unit and not updated the code, I spent the next 2 days trying to get an updated code from Fiat which was a waste of time. I don't trust many of the sites that advertise radio codes, so did a search on ebay where at least you get back up and support if it goes wrong, contacted and instantly got a reply, I gave him the security code I had, he replied that it is the wrong code for the serial number you have provided, I paid hin £4.99 through paypal and he gave me the code within miinutes. Popped the code in, it worked no problem. I would highly reccomend this guy very good, reliable and inexpensive.
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