General Question on a L-reg Uno

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General Question on a L-reg Uno


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Mar 6, 2006
Hatfield, Herts
I have just got hold of an uno start 1.0ie :slayer:
but it has a few problems which i am slowly getting through to make it prefect!
so far i have:
Lubed the speedo cable
Lubed the clutch pedal
Lubed the heater
(Yeh i love the Lube!!)
then i sorted myself out with new tyres (and wheels while i was at it)
followed by the tracking!
all that in a week :D
Now my questions are i would like to keep it looking relatively standard and in the next year or so put an uno turbo lump in it. however the paint is quiet faded now and i'm not a bodywork sort of person. Is it possible to spray the car with spray cans from my local automotive suppliers? was thinkin of black.....
also where is the cheapest place to get ph2 clear indicators? tried in the classifieds but no luck.

cheers in advance for your help
Indicators: Ebay! They often come up on there. If not, try a scrapyard. There's a two big ones located near'ish to you. Hemel Hempstead breakers (P. Brown and son, plus M. Hunt) located on an industrial estate near Kodak. Also, Bushey breakers is a collection of about 4/ 5 breakers in one place. Located just off the A41, south of the Junction 5 M1 turn off.

Spraying: It is possible to get a good finish from spray cans, though rarely straight from the can. You'd probably have to give it loads of coats, then flat it down and polish it afterwards.

Also, black is the single worst colour to spray! Any bodywork imperfections will show up worse on a dark colour than a light colour, plus it takes real skill to get a good black finish. If you really want black, I'd suggest getting it sprayed professionally. For now though, unless your car is metallic you could try cutting the paint with T-Cut and using a good polish. That can help rescue tired paint.

As you are located in Hatfield, you should try coming down to the Ace Cafe Italian car meet (2nd Thursday of the month) in London. Lots of Fiat Forumers go there! You just missed the last one (2nd Thursday of the month), the next one is about three weeks next Thursday. Check the events calender on the forum for details.

Any Herts based Uno owners? Yes, myself and Turboned are both located in SW Herts!

Welcome to the wonderful world of Uno ownership by the way (y)
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Cheers tony!
will be at the next ace meet without a shadow!! always down there for the mini meets (my other car) and the dub meets (my mates car).

thanks for all the help. great to have such an extensive forum! donation coming!
Great advice there Chas (y)

I once tried to repaint my cornflower-blue Austin Princess with aerosol cans. Ordered eight cans of Jaguar British Racing Green lacquer. Used up about six doing the engine bay, ordered another ten cans. Still couldn't cover the whole car - and wow, did it look BAD! Cost so far was about $350...

In the end I invested $500 and had the car sprayed by some people I knew about a two-hour drive away. They removed as many bits as they could be bothered removing, but obviously it was a compromise result because I'd had to put the bits back on in order to drive there...

In hindsight, I would have been much better off if I'd stayed with the original colour... I think you always want to change the colour of your first project car, but in time you learn that it's usually better not to.