Technical Punto: Wiring for heater control illumination

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Technical Punto: Wiring for heater control illumination


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Jan 31, 2006
South Devon
Synopsis: Where are the two (black & red/yellow) wires that feed the heater control illumination bulbs wired from?

On my R reg Punto 60SX, the heater and everything works fine, but the controls are not illuminated at night. This is a bit of a pain when the windscreen is steamed up.:(

I have removed the relevant fascia panels and am satisfied that the two embedded bulbs are OK. Both filaments appear to be intact - and they are wired in parallel anyway. Power is fed to them via a connector from a pair of wires (Black and Red/Yellow) that disappears into the bulkhead loom. I don't have an AVO handy for tracing, but I would like to know where the other ends are wired to so that I can give it a good visual inspection. Can anybody help?:confused:

BTW The Haines manual wiring diagrams don't seem to be consistent with the physical reality - e.g. colour codes are different. Is it just me being stupid?:eek:


i was going to say look at haynes but you allready hav. as for haynes being different i think thats a bit of f random italian wiring to blame there lol im sure i have heard other people mention wires are different colors to what suposed to be