Punto (Mk2/2b) Punto Sporting



Just purchased a 2002 Silver 1.4 Punto Sporting.
Have a few niggles - ABS ESP HH light comes on intermittently and a very slight grinding noise from offside front wheel. THink its a baring and assume thats the reason for the warning light.

Anyways, looking forward to chatting to other owners and sharing knowledge!


grinding noise only when braking or only on corners?

It is constantly there but gets louder when accelerating and quietens down when let off gas. It sounds like a rubbing/slight grinding. Its not the brakes so think it must be baring?

I will take wheel off at the weekend to inspect properly.

Whole left front side of car changed from the diff onwards.

Still got the grinding. Clutch feels fine but think this may be a gearbox baring.
is it engine or gearbox related noise?
lift car and get to a speed and put it in neutral or get to a speed and put it in neutral and turn off engine
or if you dont got a lift try it on a straight clear road

Hi, I got up to speed and placed the car in neutral and coasted - the noise disappeared. I take it that means it is a clutch issue rather than gearbox/engine?
was about to say to drive the car till gearbox explodes but there are not that many 6 speed gearboxes out there, so it might be good idea to have it repaired or put a normal 5 speed gearbox on the car

I do have access to another 6 speed box. The car is only being used for a short commute to work so will replace when I have the time and the energy to swap. Thank you for your help.

I now have another problem with ABS ESP & Hill Holder failures :cry: